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After the success of the first ever PLG Legendary Tour back in November 2014, Power League Gaming continued with the 2015 season of this tournament powered by Fanta Masters, hosted online via a dedicated page and featuring some of the best League of Legends team from across the Middle East.

In Qualifier 1 of Season 2, a total of 8 teams were invited, coming from numerous tournaments we hosted, and have showcased high level of skill and drafting. PLG will gave the opportunity for 8 more team to try their luck against these local champions in a 16 team bracket.

The battle of champions was settled in the Summoner's Rift, where eight invited teams, picked by our community, showcased their skills for a prize pool of over AED/SAR 16’000. The First Qualifier of our second season came to an end by the end of August 2015. We have witnessed a massive diversity in team ranks and nationalities. Teams are fighting for seeding power and a spot in the main event that took place in October for a chance to win a big cut from the 16,000 AED prize pool. The Top Four teams from each Qualifier will go head to head in an 8 team double elimination tournament at the main event in October.

8 of the best teams in the region will showcase their skills

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16 teams going head to head in a thrilling double elimination battle, we have seen some of the best talents the Arab world has to offer and that is an understatement considering such talent was demonstrated from different countries not just the one.

Straight out Jordan Games Week, Patrick Square Pants managed to take down their Jordanian Rivals team Ma9aree3 in a nail biting best of three during the third round of the loser brackets making them one win away from getting into the finals where the champions of the PLG Legendary Tour named Worst Team SA at the time but are now called Challenge Arena.
Team Rebound is currently the team standing in Patrick Square Pants’ way to the finals and has proven a strong contender in this tournament.

One of the main reasons we have put this online phenomena together was to bring out the hidden talent from deep within the Arab gaming Community. And boy did we find a gem in the dark. Straight out of the United Arab Emirates, The Last Gasp consists of three local brothers and 2 of their friends and took the tournament by storm making a bold statement in this tournament with a perfect score board and secured a spot in the semifinals. Quickly becoming a fan favorite, TLG was one game away to secure a spot in the finals but was forced to forfeit due to team members emergency and resulted in CA moving on the finals without a fight. This makes the Loser brackets match between Patrick Square Pants vs Team Rebound is now officially the Qualifier 1 Semifinal.

Seeding power is important to allow a balanced matchmaking and bracket distribution at the main event where the highest seed of the 1st qualifier will play against the lowest seed in the 2nd qualifier.

A grand prize pool of AED/SAR 16'000

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Following up a very intense first qualifier, we bring to you the continuation of the second season of the Legendary Tour with yet another 16 teams going head to head in yet another qualifier.

4 out of these 16 teams will qualify to the Main Event and take on the Top 4 teams from the first qualifier under a predefined seeding system that will balance out the teams and match make them fairly going into the main event.
We have seen a majority of teams in this qualifier from countries that were not under full attendance in the first qualifier. We have seen one of the top teams from Morocco, known as We Are Strange Seasons, and for the first time in the PLG Legendary Tour do we have a fully Lebanese team, known as Lebanese E-Sports.

Also, invited to this qualifier were the Top 4 Teams from Egypt Games Week who part of their reward was to secure a position in this online tournament after placing top seeds in the LAN event.
Multiple teams were closely voted to being the top contenders of this qualifier and maybe the tournament as many of the fans were aching to see how well the champions of Egypt Games Week, Nexus Eaters, would be able to play against the Season 1 defending champions and top seed out of the first qualifier in season 2.

It was a very close call between Nexus Eaters and Frost Guard Penguins, the runner up of Egypt Games Week as they battled it out in the finals. It was a very interesting turn of events seeing that Nexus Eaters were pushed down to the Losers’ Brackets after losing to Lebanese E-Sports 2-0 in a Best of Three earlier in the tournament. Lebanese E-Sports was the jack out of the box when they made a surprising performance of total domination until they were pushed down to the loser brackets from the undefeated, Frost Guard Penguins.

Winners of this tournament will get a direct slot invite in the next season of the PLG Legendary Tour

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As the qualifier reaches its final games, a rematch between Nexus Eaters and Lebanese E-Sports took place in the loser bracket finals where Nexus shift the momentum to their favor and defeating them in a tie breaker and then moved on to shockingly sweep Frost Guard Penguins in the finals to secure the number 1 seed going into the Main Event.

Some of the first neck to neck games took place in the first round of the winner brackets as the Jordan Games Week Champions, Patrick Square Pants lose to the newest contender from Lebanon that took the second qualifier by storm, Lebanese E-Sports.

It was a beauty to watch the main event unfold as we move on the semifinals where PSP manages to defeat Frost Guard Penguins in the Loser brackets but only to get eliminated from Nexus Eaters who were shockingly sent down to the loser brackets after a defeat in the second round from Lebanese E-Sports.

Seeding power is important to allow a balanced matchmaking and bracket distribution at the main event where the highest seed of the 1st qualifier will play against the lowest seed in the 2nd qualifier.

PLG Legendary Tour Third Season is coming soon during Spring 2015

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It was only fair that we see a lot of back and forth action from most teams but it would be short sighted and in some cases ill-minded to ignore one thing. The team that never lost a set in 2 seasons, never sent down to the loser brackets, never looked back, and never showed regard to human life.

The Saudi titans and defending champions of Season 1, Challenge Arena was waiting for the next target. Not only did they find their next prey! But they even had the chance to do it on the biggest E-Sports stage we have ever witnessed in the Arab World!

The PLG Legendary Tour Finals were played at the Dubai Games Week Grand Stage at Dubai Mall in the Ice Rink. The largest mall in the world was held witness to the goliath that is Challenge Arena.
It was their commander and chief, Wicky-Sama Top Laner of Team Challenge Arena and renowned to be the best player in the Arab World, that lead his team to a flawless victory of 3 games to nothing and crushing their opponents, Nexus Eaters from Egypt, who proved to be force to be reckon with but not strong enough to shake the Saudi Champions off their feet.

Key matches from the tournament were livestreamed on the Power League Gaming official Twitch channel, and you can watch the live update on the tournament on the PLG Legendary Tour page on our site including the bracket standings, simple stats and upcoming match dates.

PLG Legendary Tour Season 3 is bound to start very soon, and you can sign up right now on our site to receive live updates and message when registration will open.

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